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The Brazilian Forum of Dry Bean, Pulses and Special Crops is the scene of many negotiations. The 2018 Business Fair was attended by several exhibitors, from all sectors of the chain of Feijão.

By 2019, we will have a new scenario. Participants at the Brazilian Forum of Dry Bean, Pulses and Special Crops will have the opportunity to interact with the approximately 1,000 delegates to the Global Pulse Confederation Annual Convention – GPC – from 50 countries, representing some 600 companies. This will be a unique opportunity to interact with players from all over the world gathered in one place, Rio de Janeiro.


Your brand can be a sponsor or promoter of merchandising actions for the public of the Brazilian Forum of Beans, Pulses and Special Crops. Contact our sales team and evaluate each opportunity. You’ll be amazed at how accessible it is to expose your brand to an exclusive international audience, as well as national event attendees.


The participants of the event are researchers, seed suppliers and other inputs, producers of various varieties of Beans, brokers, packers, exporters, importers, supermarkets and consumers.