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VI Fórum Brasileiro do Feijão 2018

IBRAFE in a partnership with the Pulse Global Confederation to give participants access to the 7thBrazilian Forum of Dry Bean, Pulses and Special Crops for programming on June 13th, with topics relevant to the Brazilian public:

• Global outlook of color Dry Beans
• Global outlook of Chickpeas (Kabuli)

The Forum continues in the afternoon, focused on the interests of the Brazilian public.

Each year, GPC representing all segments of the Pulse world chain, brings together at a major convention more than 1,000 delegates involved with increasing consumption and marketing of Pulses. Brazil was chosen to host the GPC 2019 convention. Our country will receive GPC delegates from all over the world to discuss issues of great interest to the world Pulses market.

Brazil has a lot of interest and great opportunities in this market. Global demand for Pulse is growing rapidly and this will be a unique opportunity in this market. With delegates from all over the world, Brazilian exporters expanded their contacts and increased our exports, reaching in 2018 some 162,000 tons.

GPC is an institution that represents the entire Pulse chain in general, producers, traders, logistics providers, exporters and importers, companies and consumers.

A GPC and its members work together to:

1 – Raise food security, nutritional awareness and innovation.

2 – Create an awareness of the Pulses in all public and private spheres.

3 – Promote access to the international market and stability of production and prices.

4 – Encourage increased quality and environmental sustainability.



The Brazilian Forum of Dry Bean, Pulses and Special Crops will bring together the entire production chain, will be producers, agronomists, sowers, input companies, technology companies, machinery and others. All in search of interaction and evolution in the technical and marketing discussions about Beans and Pulses in Brazil and in the world.


In 2018, the Brazilian Forum of Dry Bean, Pulses and Special Crops brought together more than 520 involved in the national and international production chain of Beans. The event took place in Curitiba (PR) and had more than 20 speakers who brought quality technical and marketing information to the public and to more than 23,000 online viewers.

With more than 20 booths, the Business Fair also moved the Forum and provided the interaction between producers, researchers, packers and several involved in the chain, assisting in closing deals and providing various partnerships. Certainly there were many opportunities for great business, new business contacts and networking, not only in the Business Fair, but also in the Business Rounds.

Dry Bean women gathered to discuss ways and create actions to encourage the consumption of Beans, about 25 people participated in the Bean Flour and Chickpea Workshop and more than 45 people discussed partnership and cooperation with Abiarroz for the joint disclosure of the 'perfect pair', Dry Beans and rice, aimed at increasing consumption. At the time, they also addressed issues such as taxation and self-regulation of quality. These were great news of the 2018 version of the Forum.